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"I can not thank Coach Nohos enough for all of the help he has given me both on and off the field throughout my life. I would have never become the player or person that I am today without his coaching and direction. I played for a number of coaches in my career and Coach Nohos was always one of, if not, the best. His knowledge of the game and ability to get the best out of his players is unparalleled. If I had a son, Coach Nohos is the only person that I would want to head the organization or team that he was playing on."

Adam Norton - University of Notre Dame

I have known Jim Nohos for the past 4 years. In that time Coach Nohos has been a pitching coach as well as a pitching instructor for me. During this time he has been a great instructor at teaching me pitching mechanics as well as the mental attitude needed to be a successful High School/ College pitcher. He is a hands-on instructor who stresses the importance of the proper pitching technique combining that with drills to improve arm strength. He has a love for the game of baseball that is infectious which has helped motivate me to want to be a better baseball player. I feel that his positive attitude, experience and knowledge of baseball have helped make me the player I am today.

Nick Thrasher
Purdue University Calumet

Playing for Coach Nohos was an experience that is hard to put into words. He pushed me to do my best at all times and was always there to help me work on pitching mechanics whenever I needed it. At an early age, I took pitching lessons with him and he taught me a lot about the game and pitching. During my time at Andrean High School, he was my pitching coach and was there everyday to help me get better and make me successful. Coach Nohos always told me that I would be able to make it to the next level if I put in the work and I never looked back after that. He gave me the confidence to want to get better at baseball because of what he taught me as a coach. He did not only teach me about the game of baseball, but also taught me how to be respectful to others and that has stayed with me since our time together. Coach Nohos is one of the reasons I have become the baseball player and respectful young man that I am today.

Michael Hanchar
Nichols State University

"No one can argue against the fact that Coach Jim Nohos has a great knowledge of the game of baseball. The thing that sets Coach Nohos apart is that he possesses the rare ability to illicit great respect out of each and every one of his players, while still making every practice, game, or team function a very fun and enjoyable experience. The result is, year in and year out, Coach Nohos's teams play smart, loose, team-focused baseball, and have a blast doing it. My years playing for and coaching with Coach Nohos were some of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in the game of baseball."

Ryan Bashem
Michigan State University

Coach Nohos is not only the best pitching instructor you will find in the state but an even better person. I've been going to Coach Nohos since I was 13 years old. It was the best choice of my life. We worked together every weekend and because of him and everything he taught me with pitching, I received a scholarship to the University of Miami(Florida) for baseball. Throughout the process, I had some ups and downs and each time I was struggling I knew that I would be able to call coach and ask him to come out and help me with my mechanics. Every time I asked, I was never told no. I know I can always count on him whether it's on or off the field. He also is a great mentor. I can call him at any time and he will be there to talk or give me advice when I'm upset about how I pitched that day. Coach Nohos is like a father figure to me because he treats me like his own son. I strongly recommend coach Nohos to anyone that has ever asked me about a pitching coach. He is the best, of the best, around.

Connor Manous
Indiana University

Coach Nohos is someone who is very special to me and has made a huge impact in not only my baseball career, but also in my life. He is the type of person who treats his players like his own sons and will take care of his guys no matter what. His baseball résumé speaks for itself and there's not many coaches who have had the same amount of success that he has. He is fun, competitive, and knowledgable, which are 3 key characteristics for a good baseball program. I love NoNo to death and I can't thank him enough for the trust he has put in me throughout my baseball career. I know I can always count on him whenever I need help with baseball or anything else in life. He has taught me lessons I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks Coach Nohos for everything!

Nick Podkul
University of Notre Dame


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